Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The things they say

We are so amazed at how well the boys are speaking. Daniel now speaks full and clear English. Noah, who was almost non-verbal when we got him, had speech therapy for a couple months and is already being discharged because he is right where he should be. He is speaking full sentences! We truely could not be more proud of them and how far they have come. They amaze us everyday and Benji and I are so blessed to have them as our sons.

These boys keep us laughing. The things that they can come up with are hilarious. The other day, I was in my bedroom and they were in the hall outside my door. I heared them debating and it went like this:

Daniel: That's my boo-boo!
Noah: My boo-boo
Daniel: No, it's my boo-boo! It's Daniels boo-boo!
Noah: Nonah's (his version of Noah) boo-boo!
Daniel: (running into my room and pointing to a scrape on his arm) Mama tell Noah that this is my boo-boo...not his!
Me: That is Daniel's boo-boo, Noah has his own boo-boo on his knee (pointing to Noah's scrape on his knee)
Noah: YAY! Noah boo-boo! (pointing to his own knee)
Daniel: I told you this one was mine! (pointing to his elbow)
I just had to laugh. In our house...everything has to be done in 2's. Everything we buy, we buy 2 of the same object....obviously boo-boo's should be no exception.

*Disclaimer: below may be slightly inappropriate...but I am learning that raising boys often is:)

Daniel has this little "dance" he does when he has to go to the potty. He gets caught up in playing and doesn't want to go to the restroom so you will often see this little dance that is usually paired with "holding himself". I often tell him "Daniel, you are holding your wee-wee and go on to the potty". Well..he was doing his little dance last night and I said asked him if he needed to go potty, to which he responded "no maam". I said "are you sure you don't need to go?" To which his repsonse was, "But I'm not holding my wee-wee". Again...I just had to laugh.