Monday, June 25, 2012


My kids completely crack me up. I need to be better about writing down the things that they say. Here are a couple of funnies from recently:

1: Benji has accepted a new job that will require us moving out of state (will post more on this later). I was talking to the boys about moving and what it meant. Shortly after this discussion, D looked up and noticed a crack in our ceiling. I explained to him that Daddy was fixing something in the attic and almost stepped through the ceiling. To which he replied "I am so ready to move out of this crack house!" Of course he was referring to the crack in the ceiling. So if anyone hears my kids say anything to this effect, please know that it is a crack in our ceiling....not a drug habit:)
Fast Forward a couple nights: We have been praying that our house sells quickly so that we can all move together. We pray together as a family so the boys do hear us praying for this and they pray for the same. Last night, N's prayer went like this "Dear Lowrd...please help us get out of this crack house and into a new house together as a family". I think maybe I should have a discussion with them and inform them that we do NOT live in a crack house. I can see them saying this to our social worker for a post placement report. HA!

2: In children's church yesterday, there were only 4 kids that were doing as they were directed at one point (my sons not being any of the four:) So I gave a big thank you to the ones that chose to listen. It broke D's little heart that his name was not called out in the thank-you to the ones who were following instructions. He cried and cried over it and I had to take him out and explain that he made the choice to not follow instructions in class, no one at all was in trouble but the ones who made a good choice deserved the be thanked, and that next time maybe he could make a better choice and he too would get praised.
At dinner last night, Benji was asking the boys how was their day, did they behave in church, etc... To which D said "Mama broke my heart in children's church". I tried to refrain from laughing (he really is a super sensitive child). Benji began to ask him what happend to which he gave his recount of the (very minor) incident. I began to remind him that it was a choice he made and began to explain the story. D put his hand up and said "Mama...this isn't about you, it is about me". It was impossible not to laugh at him. My son is slighty dramatic:)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Noah!

My precious little Noah turns 3 today! We are ever so blessed to have him as our little boy.  I am so thankful that he is home where he belongs on his birthday. Yet again, I find my heart drawn to his birthmother. I will more than likely never be able to thank her in person, but my heart will forever be thankful to her for giving birth to him and having the courage and the strength to let him go so that he can have a life that he deserves. We will do our very best to give him the life that he deserves.
Thank you God for our precious Noah today and thank you for trusting us to be his parents, he (and his brother) make our lives complete and fill our hearts more than we ever could have imagined.