Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patty's Day

Once again, I am running way behind on posting. Here is a few pics from our St. Patty's Day fun. Having kiddos makes even the cheesiest holidays so much more fun. I love these special days with my boys and seeing them have so much fun makes life just grand.

Our lunch, shamrock sandwiches

Noah and his shamrock jello

Daniel with his shamrock jello

Our green silly string fight

Our green supper: rolls, cabbage, green cubed steak, pineapple casserole, and mashed potatoes

Green milk

Green sweet tea...we are in the south. We'd die without our sweet tea:)

Noah with his leprachaun supper. I know his hair looks greasy but it is just green glow gel
Daniel and his leprechaun dinner and last, leprechaun pie for dessert!

My kids make my heart melt

I don't want to be all braggy and stuff but I must say that I am blessed far more than I ever deserve with my sons. They are amazing little boys and I love them so deeply that it can be overwhelming. I couldn't imagine loving anything any more than I love my kiddos. I know that there are tons of horror stories out there about bonding and attachment and the "adjustment period". Not every day has been rainbows and sunshine I will admit, but our transition has been nothing shy of amazing. I am amazed at how much more wonderful things are now than they were a year ago...and a year ago I thought they were pretty good. The boys have come such a long way. As a parent of an adopted child, you have to work hard to protect and foster your bond with your child. Prior to adoption, this was a concept that I thought was silly, but being on this side of it I see that it is real. There are certainly things that I wish that I had done differently in the beginning. All and all, I am very blessed. I thank God every single day for my two little boys who truly make my heart melt every day. I am ever so thankful for how sweet their little hearts are. They are two of the most tender hearted little boys and I am so so thankful that they are mine. I need to do better at keeping a record of the sweet things that they say so that when they are teenagers I have their sweet words to hold on to.

Last night I was rocking Daniel to sleep and I told him I would miss him while I was at work. He asked where he was going while I worked, so I told him daddy would be home with him all day. Then he said. "when you work and I stay home with daddy, me and daddy and Noah come to your work and pick you up for lunch. I hope we do that tomorrow. Some days we don't pick you up, you meet us at the eating place. I hope we come pick you up tomorrow...I'll talk to daddy about it in the morning." heart melts.

A few nights ago Noah (who has ended up in the bed with us for months now) rolled over, put his little arm around my neck, snuggled up next to be and said "I love you Mama!". I kissed his head and said "I love you too Noah". Then he said "you da best Mama in da whole world"....all while never a once opening his eyes from his sleep...again, my heart melts.

Valentine's Day

I know I am very far behind, but better late than ever, right? Blogging isn't my problem, it's getting pics off my camera and attached that I have an issue with. I take tons of pictures and to go through them can be a big undertaking so...forgive me for my lack of blogging:)

For those who know me well know that of all holidays, Valentines Day is my least favorite. I am kinda a Valentine's scrooge if you will. Last year, we spent our Valentine's day in Russia...with our two new sons. It kinda revived the holiday which I have come to all but loathe. Valentine's Day is 2 days after our Gotcha Day and now it is the first holiday that we had as a my heart is a little mushier than it normally is on V'day. I love holidays...and now that I am a mother, holidays are 100 times more special to me. Here is our Valentine's Day fun:

For lunch we had heart shaped sandwiches.

I came home from work to one lil' monkey with a rose and giant balloon.
And another with a rose and my favorite candies...and no pants. (when the boys are with daddy for a day there is no telling how they are going to be dressed when I get home:):)

We had made heart shaped ice the day before

And Valentine's cupcakes for Daniel to take to gymnastics the next day

What Valentines Day is complete without chocoalte dipped strawberries...even better when they are dipped my two sweet lil' boys

Frozen raspberry heart ice in our sparkling cider

Noah downing his cider

Daniel and his cider...notice there is no steak left on his plate. This child loves some steak.

and our fudge brownies with rasberries.