Thursday, August 19, 2010

More things that make me smile

For lack of news on the adoption front, I will continue with the things that make me happy, or have made me smile. Yes...I can be lame, but it really doesn't take much to make me happy.

1) a half of a day off with the hubby. It never fails, when we finally get a day off together, something always seems to come up. I can't tell you the last time that we have had a little time off at the same time. Yesterday it just so happened that Benji had the day off and I only had to work half a day. We decided to head out and have a lunch date. It was so nice to have finally be able to spend a little time together.

2) As part of out date yesterday, Benji took me to our favorite icecream shop. It is a cute little nostalgic place and we both got our favorite icecream....

BUBBLE GUM!!! I knew Benji was the man for me when I found out his favorite icecream is bubble gum.

2) During our date day. We went to an antique mall to rummage around. I found myself wandering around and I had lost the hubby...go figure! He snuck away from me to buy me a little treat, and it only cost him .50 cents.......

This my friends was a good day! A date with the hubby, bubblegum icecream, and a New Kids on the Block book, complete with several pictures of my beloveds:)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Trying to be an optimist

This is not to say that we are not beyond discouraged right now. We recieved word of a referral on June 22. If you do the math that is 7 weeks ago. Supposedly we were just waiting on the "official" word. Well, here we are 7 weeks later and still nothing. No word about how much longer nor what in the dickens is taking so blooming long. The thought that our littles ones are in an orpahange and there is not one single thing that we can do to get to them any faster if the utter most frustrating and draining thing that I have ever experienced. I think if I allowed myself to harp on this I would be a total metal case right now. The only option that we have at this moment is to give it to God and trust that he is working things out for a greater cause. It is my personal mission to find "daily happys". So in a desperate attempt to focus on the things that make me smile, here are a few of my things that have made me smile today...just don't judge me:)

1) My dogs...who are the sweetest, snuggliest dogs ever. One of these dogs is like an added appendage to me. I can't do anything without her. Whether I am washing dishes, blow drying my hair or in the bed...she is attached to me 24/7. When I am home she is NEVER more than 3 ft from me.

2) My sequined zebra striped shoes. Ummm...sequins, zebra stripes and SHOES! Three of my favorite things all rolled into one item...this definately makes me smile:):):)

3) Multicolored staples...this way I never know when a new color is going to come out. It makes for a nice little surprise during the day! Don't laugh...I get my smiles wherever I can:)