Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Daniel!

My sweet boy turns 5 years old today. Last year I was just so excited that he was finally home that all I could think about on his birthday was how thankful that I was that he was finally where he belongs for his special day and that he will never have to spend another birthday without his family. This year, his birthmother is pretty heavy on my heart. I am sure that this day isn't an easy one for her, whereas here we are having a fantastic day of cake and presents. I know odds are, I will never meet her. I just wish so bad that I could send her a huge hug right now. I want to thank her for birthing him 5 years ago, and I want to thank her to loving him enough to let him go...an act that I will freely admit that I myself would be far too selfish to make. I admire her and am eternally grateful for the sacrifice that she made. Even though I will likely never meet her, she will forever be in my heart. My prayers go up to her her today. May God comfort her on this day. I thank her for giving birth to my son on this day.