Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A family Catering job to help fund our adoption.

We had another opportunity to make a little extra money to apply to our adoption fund. Before I go any further I must give a huge thanks to my sister and brother-in-law, Staci and Dwayne. Staci set us up with a catering job (really our first) and it gave me the opportunity to do the wedding and grooms cake too. Everyone worked very hard as you can see below. Benji and Dwayne really put in a lot of effort to help us girls. Then mama and daddy came up to pitch in and help us out too. It was a ton of work but we all had a blast (at least I did anyway, Ha!) Benji and I can't thank y'all enough for all your hard work. Staci and Dwayne worked so hard and then gave the entire profit to our adoption fund. We are once again very humbled and words can't express our gratitude. We love you guys!!!!

Staci and Dwayne
It's a monkey in a tree! No it's really just my hubby goofing off. HA!

Mama helping with the punch fountain.

Daddy frying chicken strips.

The fruit display...great job Staci!
Dwayne and Benji working hard to pipe cheesestraws.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Yard Sale Day!!!

We had our yardsale this past weekend. As hard of work as it was, we had a blast. Plus we got a good jump on our adoption fund. Benji and I were so blessed to have such supportive friends and family who donated and worked so hard to help get this yardsale together. Mama, Daddy, Shasha, Erin, Melynda, Kathryn, Tal, Mema and Papa: we can't thank you guys enough for all the hard work that you guys put in. There is no way that we could have pulled this off without all of you. Shasha (my aunt) and Erin (my cousin) came up Friday night and spent the night to help us out. Melynda, Tal, Kathryn and Adam (Benji's cousin, her huband and their kids) came Friday night to help get things out then were back with us bright and early to help us get things together. Thank you Melynda for the sausage biscuits, they were awesome! Mema and Papa (my grandparents) came up Friday night to help us set up for the yard sale. Last but not least, my parents. They were behind the whole yardsale. Thank you so much for everything that y'all did. To each and everyone of you: We are so blessed to have you guys as family and hopefully one day we can pay you all back for all your hard work. Also there were numerous people who donated items to the yard sale: Sonny (my father-in-law) thanks for donating all but your kitchen sink. HA! To everyone else that donated: Mary and Jerry (Benji's mama and step father), Aunt Peggy and Uncle Charles (Benji's aunt and uncle), Joe and Mary, Donald, Martha, Dana, Penny...thank you guys, your donations were truly a blessing to us! To Staci and Ashley: Thanks for your text messages to check in and send your "text" support, HA! Thank you guys for thinking about us. We know that you would have both been there if you could have.

Here a a few pics to share of everyone who help us with the yard sale:

My mama with her cart hauling stuff from her house to mine.

Papa hauling stuff with daddy's lawnmower.

Mema and Papa, sharing a moment.

Shasha and Erin

Melynda trying to con Erin into buying some of Benji's grandma's lingerie.

Melynda cooking everyone sausage biscuits. Thanks for taking care of breakfast Melynda. It was much appreciated and enjoyed by everyone....especially your cuz. You have now set the standard for sausage biscuits in my house.

Kathryn trying some of Grandma B's lingerie herself. Daddy and Benji in the back. Thank you daddy for the fried oreos and the funnel cakes!

Mama and Aunt Peggy chatting.

Last but not least...Shasha getting her workout for the day. Erin and I will forever be haunted of this moment. HA!

Again, Benji and I can't thank all of you that helped and donated enough. Our child/children will forever know of your hard work and your generosity! You guys mean the world to us and we love you all very much!