Tuesday, August 23, 2011

6 months ago....

Six months ago today we stepped back on US soil with two of the most precious miracles ever. Yes, our two boys are miracles. They have blessed us far more than we ever deserve and they have brought an incredible amount of love and joy to our lives. We are ever so thankful that the Lord chose those children to be our children.
We sat down last night and watched some of our video from our time in Russia and it blew my mind as of to how much they have grown and changed. Noah was pretty much non-verbal when we brought him home. We immediately got him speech therapy and after only 8 sessions he has been discharged. This child is speaking full sentences. He was truly a grumpy little fella when we first met him but he is the sweetest and most loving little thing now. He keeps us laughing.
Daniel was considered severly speech delayed when we brought him home, not he speaks full English (he does still have an adorable accent) but his speech has been amazing. He was such a sad, solemn little boy when we first met him. Now he is full of personality. He is a very considerate and loving child who wants to please you constantly. He has become an amazing big brother. These boys are our hearts. We love them more than words can everdescribe.
I have to think back to when we first recieved our referral on them. There were some pretty major concerns medically and developmentally. We had doctors here in the states tell us that they thought that both had multiple sclerosis and that we should seriously reconsider accepting them. I remeber looking at Benji and saying....I don't care what is wrong with them. Those are our children and we have to get them home. He whole heartedly agreed and four months later...they became our sons.
Here are a few pictures of where they were when we first got back to them and some now.

No more leggings and flowered sandals!

No more looking at the world from an orhanage window

No more visiting room in an orphanage

God's grace is AMAZING!

No more quiet solemn little boys...we are full of personality and excitement now!! They are little hams that love pretty much anything and everything.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Family Beach trip

Let me begin by apologizing for being such a crummy blogger. I know it has been over a month...shame on me. I will do better, I promise. I have a lot of catching up to do so stay tuned but for now I have some pics to share from our trip to the beach. My family does a family beach trip every year. Benji and I were so excited to take the boys to their first annual beach trip. For days Daniel asked "We going to the beach today?" He was super excited. They boys had a blast (as did we). It was so good to have some time with my parents (thank you guys so much for making this vacation happen every year!) and my sister and her family. Daniel could not wait to see his best fwiend (cousin) Nathan, and Noah wanted to see Jenn (our niece) who of course is a gorgeous girl...the boy loves his women. Here is a few pics from our trip:

My Precious boys

Benji the boys and I

My parents and their grandkids

My sweet Nephew Nathan with an alligator

Noah holding the gator (saying "too heaby")
Daniel with the gator

Me and my Noah Bear

Me and my Danny Boy

Daniel and Daddy on their first deep sea fishing trip

Daddy and Noah at the ocean The Lord has blessed us beyond measure