Monday, February 15, 2010

Counting the days

So, this waiting thing is only getting harder. I really try to not allow myself to think about it much. If I do, I will drive myself slap nuts. I have never liked the unknown very much. "Unknowns" don't fit very well with a slightly OCD (only kidding, I really don't think I am all that OCD...I just like certain things certain ways, HA!!), planner that tries to be very proactive with things, like myself. I wish that I just knew something. Just a little morsel of info that would help me prepare a little better, like how old will our child be? Will it be a girl or a boy? A closer time frame? Will we get one or two? These unknowns are making me feel like a crazy person at times.
I do have one source of comfort in this crazy desk calender. I know that sounds insane. However, each day, I come into work and put a big "X" across the previous day. I sit back and think to myself "that is one day closer to bringing home our baby/babies". No, I am not trying to wish my life away here, I promise. But just to know that each day that passes is one day closer to getting our family home just makes me smile. I love coming in on Mondays and getting to cross out 3 whole makes it seem like such a big leap to get to our "Gotcha" day. It is like Christmas to tear a month off the calender and start a whole new month:)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More Randomness

Not much new going on but a few things that have made me smile and just wanted to make not of them. So here goes a few things that are going on that have made me so very happy:

1) Benji got a contract on a house and another in the works: It is not a very big commission but we are so thankful for it. Last year the real estate market was terrible in our town. When we began our adoption, we were counting on real estate to help us to be able to afford it. Well, real estate sales have not really come through lately but we are so so grateful that it is picking up as our greatest financial resposibility is soon to come. The Lord has always provided exactly what we needed and when we needed it. We went to an adoption seminar back in December and one of the speakers was saying that when they were talking about adoption they asked each other, "How are we going to afford it?" The other's response we "We aren't God is!". That has stuck with me ever since. Because honestly, we can't afford it, but we serve a God that can! We give him all the praise and glory for getting us this far as well as what he is still doing and going to do to help us get our baby/babies home.

2) Our crib bedding came in. YAY!! I know that it is a little too early to get this considering that we have no clue if we will get a boy or a girl. However, it was the only bedding that I have found that I love for a little boy and it was being discontinued so I went on and got it (on sale mind you) and if we end up not needing it then there is alway Ebay, right? I love the bedding though and was so tickled when it came in.

3) Along with that crib bedding, Benji and my daddy have decided that they are going to build a crib themselves. Yes, that does partly scare me, but my BFF's hubby built their crib and it is gorgeous! I am a sentimental kinda gal, and what could be more sentimental than your hubby and your daddy handmaking a crib?
4) I am thankful for my jobs. I honestly love my jobs. As we are getting closer to bringing home our babi(es), I know that I am going to have to give up two of my jobs. That excites me yet kinda makes me sad. Job # 1 (which I will definately be keeping) I have worked at since I was 15. I love what I do, but most importantly I love who I work with. For one, I work with my daddy. This to some could be a terrible thing but it works for us, and I would have it no other way. Secondly, I work with Renee. She has been there since the stone ages (kidding). We may drive each other insane at times, but I love her dearly. She is much more than a co-worker to me...she is family! She is kind of like my sister from anther mister. HA!! Job#2 I enjoy very much. I don't have to work very hard, and I get the opportunity to meet all kinds of people (sometimes that is a good thing sometimes it is not). Job # 3, has really come to mean a lot to me. I teach GED classes part-time. I love my students very much. They are all such wonderful people. Most of them really only need someone to root for them. It's not at all that they are quitters, or bad people. Most of the time, it's just a matter of others giving up on them. They just need someone in their corner to love them and help build their confidence, from where it has once been damaged. It makes me really sad to know that soon I will be leaving them. I just hope and pray that I was able to make a difference in some of their lives, because most of them have certainly made a difference in mine!