Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Recap 1

Last night we were doing our usual night routine: bath, books, prayer, bedtime. Before prayer I told the boys of the significance of the day and how special that it was to us. When we do prayer time, Benji or I usually say a little prayer first followed by the boys saying the "Now I lay me prayer". Last night after I had said a prayer Daniel said "can I say a special prayer Mama?" I told him that he could say anything that he wanted during prayer time, he didn't have to say the traditional prayer, he could just talk to God just like he talks to Mama and Daddy. So this was his special prayer:
Dear Lord, thank you so much for Mama and Daddy. Thank you for letting them bring me home. I love my Mama and Daddy soooo much! I love my home, and my toys, and my animals, and my clothes, and my bed, and my covers, and my pillow, and my other pillow, and my dresser, and my shoes. Thank you so much for givng me all my things. Thank you for my Noah cause I love him. Thank you for giving me my family. Amen.

I had no words when he was done....just tears. This just seemed to sum it all up for me. We are so beyond blessed to have Daniel and Noah as our sons. The Lord has really given us far more than we ever deserve.

Here are a couple more pics from Russia:

On this day a year ago Noah was feeling a little under the weather so he didn't get to go outside and play. It was the first day that they allowed us to go outside and play. It was sooo wonderful to be outside rather than couped up in the playroom at the orphanage.

Our lil' Noah...I can't believe how much he has grown. Sadly we didn't get many pics with him this day because we didn't have as much time with him.

Daddy and Daniel

Mama and Daniel

One year ago we wene before a Russian judge to be declare the parents of our two precious little boys. Part of me can't believe that it has already been a year but part of me feels like the boys have been with us forever. I have such vivid memories of this day. We had the first court hearing of the day so we had to get up early. We were both a bundle of nerves yet had a very strong sense of peace of what was about to occur. Our coordinaters and translater had heavily prepared us the day before for the court procedings. Benji beared the brunt of court, the men usually do. I felt sorry for him because he was so far out of his comfort zone, but he did amazing. I know there are a lot of stories out there about how horrible court can be. It was a nerve wracking experience but one in which I have very fond memories. We were very fortunate to have the judge that we had. I'll never forget when she came back into the courtroom to render her verdict, she had such a warmth about her. Of course we had not idea what she was saying but our translater looked at us said "She said are now their parents". It was the most amazing feeling ever. We left court went back to the apartment to change then headed to see our sons. This time we were officially their Mama and Daddy. I know that I posted this pic once before but this is when went back to see them after being declared their Mama and Daddy.

After court we had out 10 day waiting period before we got to take the boys with us. Last year at this time we were not allowed to post pics so over the next few days I'll post pics from our 10 day waiting period. I promise to be a better blogger as we work our way to our Gotcha Day...and I promise Christmas post and pics are coming soon:):)