Monday, July 16, 2012

As I mentioned before...we will be moving. Benji has taken a job out of state so our family will be relocating. I feel 100% that it is what the Lord is calling us to do at this time. We have lived in the same small town for most of our lives and truly never saw ourselves leaving. We weren't looking to leave, it just kind of happened. Typically I would dig my heels in and refuse to leave. I am in a nice comfort zone right where I am, and I am not a huge fan of change. However, when Benji presented the concept of moving...I was completely at peace with the idea. We have spent the past couple of months seriously praying and trying our best to make sure that we are doing what the Lord has for us to do. Things have continually fallen into place and the job has been accepted. Benji starts in just a few days. The last thing that needs to fall into place is selling our house. I am struggling with this so bad. I know that the Lord will always take care of our needs, and I have never lacked faith in that arena. I hate the thought of our family being seperated for an extended period of time, and we will do whatever we can to ensure that we aren't apart for very long. I hate to even complain about that because I know that there are so many families out there (especially those serving our counrty) that do have to be apart for long periods of time. Those families have my upmost respect for the sacrifices that they make.
We are so excited for this new opportunity and the doors that the Lord is opening in our lives. We are ready to see things outside our nice little cozy "saftey zone".

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