Thursday, July 19, 2012

Carnival Birthday Party

So...I am quite late on this post. The boys' birthdays are right at a month apart, so this year they had a choice of 2 smaller individual parties or 1 big party that they had to share (I may or may not have built up the bigger party so that I could do it all in one day:):) None the less they chose to share a party again this year. So a circus party we had. Thought I would share a few pics of our festivities:

Caramel and Candy Apples

Circus Cupcakes

We didn't do treat bags but had a table for some things for everyone to take home: clown noses, balls and bubbles.

                                                                     Birthday boy # 1
                                                                     Birthday Boy # 2

                      My terrible pic of the food table: hot dogs, nachos/cheese, and pretzels.


                                   The candy cart that my dear hubby built. He is awesome:):)


                                        Cotton Candy....thanks to some very dear friends:)

                                Daniel and his fiercness with his pinata! He was determined to break it!

                                                  Noah and his little bitty whacks at it!

We are so blessed with all the friends and family that came to celebrate with us. We have great framily and friends and we are so thankful for each and everyone!!

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