Friday, August 10, 2012


I swore that I wouln't be that bragging annoying Mom, as before becoming a Mama "those" Mamas got on my very last nerve. Thus, I am sorry if it appears that I am that way. Do let me say, my kids are not perfect (however, even though I may be a little biased...they are pretty darn close to it) and I am harder on them then anyone else, but I just have to say that I am blessed with two very sweet hearted fellas. I am very sad about leaving my job which I have worked at since I was 15 years old, but knowing that I get to spend my days with my fellas makes it all better. I have only 1 more year with D before he starts school so we are going to make the most of this year and our time together.

I do want to take a minute to document some of their sweetness:

1) A few mornings ago, Daniel woke me up fairly early with a box of Mike and Ike candies and a juice box. He put them on my nightstand and said "I brought you breakfast in bed Mama, but you can go back to sleep and eat it when you are good and rested".  I swear he has one of the sweetest hearts ever! Of course he got to get in bed and share my "breakfast".

2) I am not one to wear dresses very often, but I put one on to go to work the other day and Noah stopped in the doorway and said "Mama, you look so beautiful today! I love your new dress, it makes you so pretty". I am not sure if he was incinuating that I look like crud every other day, but it sure melted my heart.

3) Daniel and I were discussing our family the other day and I was telling him that whe he grew up and got married and had kids of his own that his daddy and I would be this kids' grandparents. Then Daniel said "No Mama, I am never going to get married....I am going to stay here and live with you and Daddy forever". Is it wrong that I kinda want to hold him to that promise? Lol! I did tell him that he would change his mind one day and he would want to get married, to which he repsonded , "No I wont..I am staying with you and Daddy forever!".

4) Noah has a mad love for chicken casserole...a dish in which his daddy wont touch. So when Benji is out of town...we have chicken casserole. Noah had been asking for it for days and to be honest, I am sick of it. Finally I caved and fixed my boy his beloved meal. While scarfing it down, he looked up and me and said "You da best Mama in da whole world. Thank you for making me chicken casserole". The way to his heart is definitely through his tummy:)

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sonflowerjax said...

I love hearing about your boys' sweet hearts! And, I just said to Landon this morning after a huge hug, "When you get tall like Mommy are you still going to give me these tight hugs?" And, of course he said YES! Love the sweetness of our little boys! And, LOVE that they have a mommy like you to bring out the sweetness. Remember their faces? So empty...and now, SO SOOO full of love! It makes my heart so happy!!!